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Screaming Eagles in Vietnam

This film is a narrative on the U.S. 101st Airborn Division otherwise known as. the Screaming Eagles in Vietnam, from the mid year of 1965 to January 1967. The film shows their obligations and every day life.

The 101st Airborne Division is a U.S. Armed force light infantry division prepared for strategic air activities and assaults. The 101st was famous for its job in Operation Overlord (the D-Day arrivals and airborne arrivals on June 6, 1944, in Normandy, France).

In mid-1965, the first Brigade and bolster troops were sent to the Republic of Vietnam, trailed by the remainder of the division in late 1967. The 101st was conveyed in the northern I Corps area working against the Vietnam People’s Army (NVA) invasion courses through Laos and the A Shau Valley. In just about seven years in Vietnam, components of the 101st took an interest in 15 battles.

Upon its appearance in Vietnam in 1965, the 101st division was an airborne unit. In mid-1968 the division was revamped and redesignated as an airmobile division. The the division’s usual insertion changed from planes as the essential strategy for inserting troops, to the utilization of helicopters.

The 101st Division central command is at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The division is one of the most profoundly fear and trained units in the United States Army and has been highlighted noticeably in military movies, books and even video games

Though the 101st still wears the airborne tab they are now actually considered Air Assault

Screaming Eagles in Vietnam | The 101st Airborne Division | US Army Documentary | 1967


Screaming Eagles in Vietnam | The 101st Airborne Division a US Army Documentary 1967

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